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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Treatment for Children, Teens, and Adults

Pacific Behavioral Health has psychologists specially trained to help persons with ADHD to learn to improve their cognitive, emotional, and behavioral functioning.

Persons with ADHD have a style of operating in the world that allows them greater access to internal thoughts and memories, leading to increased creativity.  However, this increased activity means that they have difficulty paying attention to what is around them and learning new information.  This level of internal activity also makes planning and organizing more difficult. 

Self-help skills are learned to help:

- calm hyperactivity

- improve attentional focus, short-term memory, planning and organization

- emotional stability

- elevate self-esteem

Methods used include:

- regulating lifestyle

- developing skills for planning, organization, and memory

- attentional strategies for learning to be more present in each moment without distraction

- self-soothing and calming strategies

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